Monitoring, VPN and Analytics solutions for Industry 4.0 and IoT

SmartNetSUITE is an advanced monitoring and cybersecurity solution that facilitates a secure and encrypted access to your network and data analysis to monitor the status of your devices at all times. Everything you need for the complete control and security of your IoT and Industry 4.0 projects, with information in real time to quickly adapt to new requirements.

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Simplify maitenance and diagnosis with a complete monitoring software solution to control and manage your network of industrial and cellular routers (2G-3G-4G)

The easiest way to deploy your own encrypted communication network to ensure a 24-hour uninterrupted connection through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).




Get an immediate and 24/7 overview of your devices

Compatible with:

Run it virtual thanks to:

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Ideal solution for a quick deployment of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Any architecture: star, point-to-potint or mesh

With SmartNetVPN you can configure routers automatically, to guarantee a 24 hour connection without interruptions through a virtual private network (VPN).

Connect securely to cellular routers, LAN routers, and computers with Windows, Linux, iOS and all types of Smartphones or tablets.

With a fixed IP in your private network, you will not need to hire static IP addresses or DNS resolution services.

Security and connectivity are assured thanks to strong VPN tunnel protocol.

A safe connection for any type of installation or device:

Any device:

Interconnect Windows, Linux, and MAC devices. Cameras, PLC or PLCs. SCADA systems, Android and iOS tablets, data collection systems or loggers, weather stations, LPR OCR license plate readers, speed cameras...

Any architecture:

Whether you have a displaced technician who needs to update or maintain remote equipment, or other systems that have to read or send data to other machines or servers, with our solution, it is possible!

Any topology:

Whatever network topology you need, is supported by SmartNetVPN

A quick and easy solution for a secure remote connection for all types of installations is: SmartNetVPN.

How is a SmartNetVPN connection different from a traditional one?

It is easy, fast, safe, and allows connection via any operator and country.

Two main elements groups:

Routers or gateways

Each router and element behind the router (PLC, HMI, camara, etc.), has their own private fixed IP: without opening ports, regardless of the type of card or operator, without having a SIM with a fixed IP, without using Dynamic DNS services, and can be set up without qualified personnel and in less than 10 seconds.

Devices (PCs, Servers, Smartphones, etc.)

Easily configurable and able to directly access equipment (cameras, PLCs, etc.) behind a router. Devices can also have a private fixed IP, so that any PLC or camera behind the router can load their data on a server.

Your own private network, where the data travels encrypted, even if the public network Internet is used, the solution can ensure a confidential environment, where each network component has its own IP addresses, so no NAT is need.


Data travels securly, under strong encryption and authentication.

Expensive static public IP addresses are not needed

Resolution services such as DynDNS or No-IP are not needed

Management of access to devices and networks. No need to open NAT ports.

Compatible with all types of networks such as: ADSL, Fiber, Satellites, etc.

Any Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.

Each device will have its own fixed IP address within its own private network

Server in the Cloud or in your own CPD (on-premise).

Compatible with any mobile or fixed operator and in any location.

Get a safe and efficient method of bi-directional connectivity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Web login with 2nd Factor Authentication

  • Authentication, AES-256 Encryption and Data Integrity

  • Revocation of users and connections

  • Automatic Backup

  • Record of connections (source IP, Time, Data volume)

Supported equipment

Servers or computers with Windows, Linux, MAC iOS

SmartPhones or Tablets with iOS and Android

Routers Conel, RedLion, VITRIKO, B-B Electronics, Cybertec, Advantech Hirschmann.


Software solution for the management and monitoring of industrial and cellular routers (2G-3G-4G)

SmartNetMONITOR simplifies the diagnosis of failures, and corrects, prevents and predicts the state of your network from a single control center. It enables remote control and monitoring of the status of all connected routers: signal, location, volume of data, statistics, latency, etc. In the case of malfunction you will receive alerts immediately, minimising response time for operations and maintenance.

All applications and devices are controlled from a single access point, offering an online service that is always accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

SmartNetMonitor transporte


The cellular routers supply connectivity in many applications. SmartNetMonitor will help in all cases.



  • Bus and public transport
  • Construction vehicles
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Yachts and ships
  • Highways, Tunnels, Dams, etc.
  • Railway transport
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  • Oil and Gas
  • Solar Energy
  • Water Treatment
  • Wind Energy
  • Electricity Management
  • Public lighting
  • Traffic signals
Security m2m Net Manager


  • Ambulances
  • Surveillance systems
  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Emergency services
  • CCTV
  • Meteorology watch
Security m2m Net Manager

and more...

  • Facility Management
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Industry Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Advertising Displays
  • Mobile Means of ATMs
A web based platform customized to centralize the supervision of your industrial routers network

From the same control panel you can monitor the status of all routers, giving you vital information at all times to ensure proper operation. You can quickly identify those that are active, inactive, with connection failures or down.


Efficient, personalised and scalable network

Centralized data and applications

Constant connection and global access

Quick overview of your entire project

Secured SaaS platform

Fast implementation and optional modules

The Ideal control panel for any M2M application.

Manage your entire router network: mass updates, full supervision, alarms, and more, supervise routers, devices and applications, and collect and store data for future reports and analysis.

Main Features

  • Manage your M2M Network

    All devices constantly supervised with one clic: signal, latency, network type, voltage, temperature, firmware version, etc.

    System Alerts

    The platform will send out alerts: low power, high temperature, communication drops, etc to control any possible incidents.

    Your Control Room

    All your projects under a 24/7 centralized monitoring system: cellular network management, dashboard, etc.

  • Operations & Maintenance

    Improve the response time on O&M, thanks to features like location, installation logs, alerts, online documentation, etc.

    Get statistics

    The platform collects all available data for analysis: RX/TX data transfers, temperature variations, signal, etc.; to discover the reason behind any system failures.

    Remote updates

    Quick communication and easy Firmware updates when new versions are released to ensure a secure and stable connection.

  • Location indicators

    A general and detailed picture of the location of all network devices on the map is shown, and can be filtered by online/ offline devices.

    Remote actions

    It is possible to remotely reboot, ping, backup configure, etc. devices giving you control in real time,

    Fully Compatible with VPN SmartCluster

    Security is key in any network, therefore we advise clients tu use a VPN solution, and our platform is fully compatible with SmartCluster VPN portal

Easy, scalable and 100% customizable metwork management solution

It is an essential application when managing a group of routers, whatever the number, since it means taking control of the state of your network, and having supervision at all times. This way you will be able to detect any incidents and anticipate any failures to prevent unnecessary damage.

Security m2m Net Manager


  • Sewage Treatment Plant, WWTP

    There are many customers in this sector that require a control system with remote, 24 hour access for maintenance and to avoid - thanks to rapid management - the discharge of wastewater.

    With SmartNetVPN, an operator with a Tablet or Smartphone can be connected to the network at any time to verify the correct functioning of any PLC or HMI PLC of the SCADA system.

    The main achievement was being able to avoid unwanted logins, while performing remote maintenance, and reducing response time to minutes; thanks to a private communications network,

  • Control of facilities in several countries

    Another way that is growing of applying this technology, is using it to perform the tasks of Operations and Maintenance for industrial machinery that is spread over 5 continents. This gives international companies the ability to perform updates and configurations, know the status of machines, and predict failures, from one central point; thus saving on costly displacements, delays in repairs, etc.

    An easy and fast configuration of the 4G gateways allows for a global deployment regardless of the country or the operator, where the operator has direct access to each machine.

  • Machinery Manufacturer

    Another step forward is the use of Big Data and Data Analytics to obtain information in real time that allows or facilitates decision making. With this technology you can work not only with the data obtained from remote installations (PLCs, PLCs, Dataloggers, etc.) but also with databases from the rest of the organization.

    As in this example, where our client uses ERP data (marketing, sales, technical support, etc.)

Plan and license

Buy now: choose your Plan and License

We adapt to all types of projects and clients, we offer 3 plans:


Service Cloud:

You will get access to any of our servers in the cloud. Forget maintenance and updates, electricity costs and failures, we take care of everything. Pay annually depending on the License you need.


License On-Premise:

Buy a License and install the application where you decide. You will own your own installation either in your cloud or private data center.


Mini Appliance Server:

For small projects, you can choose our fanless PC ready with 50 or 100 connections.

The License is indicated by the number of connections:

  • SN-50: License for 50 connections

  • SN-100: License for 100 connections

  • SN-250: License for 250 connections

  • SN-500: License for 500 connections

  • SN-1000: License for 1000 connections


As added value, we offer complete support plans for our tools.

We understand the importance of the continuity of the product, that is why we continuously work on developments, and offer updates to correct errors and improve functionalities.

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